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Sunday Events:






Good Friday Play All Day & Night!
Interested in a Threesome? Foursome? Group Play? Come join us at Club M4 where people come to play! Doors open from 3p-7p and 9p-3a.
Club M4
2814 Lakeshore Blvd West
Toronto, Ont
(Near Islington Ave)


Happy Hedonist
Jeanines hosts Happy Hedonist

Our Sex Club at Happy Hedonist are what we recommend most people start with, they are the baby steps and often all that many people want from the sex club. You don’t have to be a member to attend, nor do you need advance reservations. Just show up & make payment to attend.

If you are interested in attending any of our swingers events, simply visit our event calendar to view our upcoming events. This will give full details on the event.

Some of our dances are restricted for “Couples Only” which means you must arrive & leave as a Male/Female couple to be granted admission. Our Saturday events are for couples only, with a few select single males who are pre-screened.

Our Friday events are unrestricted which is for “Couples & Singles”, this means that we do not monitor the gender mix at dances and we generally get between 3 males for every female.


Hedo in T.O.

Hedo in T.O doesn't have a set location, rather they are a traveling party, hosting parties at various clubs for nightly parties. A quick word of warning, some of their parties have a select invitation list, so you better bring your A game...

Hedo in Toronto


Hedo In T.O.  (Hedonism In Toronto) is an upscale, urban adult lifestyle network right here in Southern Ontario, Canada. We host private monthly events and dances for like minded adults in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area as well as other locations including; Durham Region, London, Windsor, Niagara Falls and in the US; Buffalo, Ohio and Upstate Michigan.


Menage a Quatre (M4)

Ok, I must admit that I LOVE finding these little jewels. I went looking for this location three times before I actually found it... although I should have paid a little more attention to the website, as it clearly states: "The doors to the club are unmarked and there is no signage for the club."Menage A Quatre

If you peek inside the window (right below nthe N in TOTN) you can see stairs going down to another set of double doors, with the club name marked inside.

Inside there is a small table with an attendant who collects your money and explains what the club is about. You fill in a form to join the club, and are given a card to prove you paid your yearly fee. ($50.00 including entrance when I went).


I must admit I was a little concerned when the form stated you must provide valid id to become a member (especially since I was attending on a Tuesday!), but I was never asked for any, and my membership card doesn't contain any personal information. (Ok, Ok, I admit it, I gave a false name...Who's going to believe it's Chechire anyways)

Because it was my first time, I got a quick tour of the place and an explanation of the rules by a friendly cute curvy woman which I really enjoyed.

Menage a Quatre (M4)

Menage A Quatre2814 Lakeshore Blvd West
Etobicoke, Ontario
(647) 430-7975


The Ozone
The O Zone

You can actually just see this building from the 401. From the outside, it's a tiny little unimpressive building in the middle of nowhere... while inside it's a stunning gem:

At 10,000 feet Ozone is one of North America's largest on-premise couples clubs offering a plethora of sexy amenities to guarantee a memorable night for open minded couples.

The Ozone

36 Stoffel Drive
Etobicoke, On
Website Warning: The site blasts dance music, so if you are at work, turn your volume off!

The Ozone
36 Stoffel Drive


NYX Lounge

NYX Lounge is another one of those swingers clubs located in the back of an industrial building. You would never guess it's anything special if you were to drive by... I love these kind of hidden gems. They have an introductory membership of $40.00 right now, including entry to the club that night.


NYXLoungeThe name NYX fits this venue as a nightclub perfectly. After extensive renovations, a new interior design and fresh concept, comes the Greek Goddess of the night, daughter of Chaos, soaring through the sky, spreading her blanket of night as she goes..

NYX most important goal is to provide you, our guests with an unforgettable experience that revolves around dancing, flirting, making social connections and above all, having fun! Because after all, that is what lifestyle clubbing is all about!

NYX Lounge
407 Speers Road
Unit 4-5
No phone number listed


Oasis Aqualounge
Oasis AqualoungeThis beautifully restored 19th century mansion offers an exciting spa, lounge and vacation environment where you can spice things up, day or night. Unwind in our hot-tub, dry off in our sauna and take a dip in our year round outdoor heated pool in a private sunny courtyard.

Enjoy a drink from one of our two bars, on our poolside patio or in the beautifully decorated play areas spanning four floors where you can meet people who share your interests or spend your time alone together. Check out our BLOG page for the latest in Oasis stories, event recaps, media, testimonials and love from our customers.

An adventurous place to sun, soak and explore your sexuality. Enhance your relationship and reignite your passion at Oasis Aqualounge, open every day of the week! Find your favourite type of event based on your relationship status and what you’re into on our events page.

We’re a team of over 40 people who love what Oasis is about.
Oasis Aqualounge
231 Mutual Street


The X Club
The X club

A clean, upscale and comfortable setting designed to let you and your partner explore as much or as little as you like.

You'll meet mature people of all ages and professions. The one thing members have in common is their open mindedness & willingness to try new things. They share respect for one another, and value privacy. Members understand that "it's an attitude not an action"!

Dance the night away, fill your senses with the beauty of people around you, or just sit in one of our lavish seating areas and watch the exciting progression of events around you. Participate in the themed nights, dare to bare, or dress to impress. X is where you are able to freely fulfil all of your wildest fantasies.