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Cultural Relevance

Cultural Relevance: Every rose has it's thorn
If you were a fan of Rock of Love then you may be aware that the 80's hit was written about the lead singer (Brett Michaels) ex-girlfriend who was a stripper.


Cultural Relevance: Girls, Girls Girls
Just another stop on our tour of societies acceptance of debauchery.
Girls,Girls, Girls was released in 1987 by Motley Crue and references several strip clubs including The Tropicana, The Body Shop, Seventh Veil on Sunset in La, the Marble Arch in Vancouver BC, The Dollhouse in Ft. Lauderdale, Crazy Horse in Paris, and Tattletales in Atlanta, GA.

Individual states have some really weird rules on strip clubs, but one of the most common is that clubs can't have fully nude women if they serve alcohol!

Yup, LOVE Canada!