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Monday Events:


9 years of Tgirls at Club 120
Between Goodhandys and it's new incarnation as Club 120, Mandy has been hosting Tgirl parties for 9 years now.

Thursday May 28th, come join them for a celebration at Club 120 that promises 'Wall to Wall Tgirls'. (although to be fair, Club 120 is a pretty small venue ... now if they could fill the Skydome I would be a happy guy!)

Good Handys EnteranceClub 120

120 Church Street
Toronto On.



TGirl XXX Social Club - CLOSED
UPDATE: Tgirl XXX Social Club closed around September 2015.

I was chatting with Autumn, and she has the DL on the new Shemale Club:
It's called the 'TGirl XXX Social Club' at Erotico Lounge.

It's inside Flash NightClub (a gay bar/ Strip Club), and from what I understand they rent out Erotico Lounge to host their Shemale nights.

They have a stip club type atmosphere with a small stage, and a separate gogo pole by the bar. There is a $10.00 cover, plus a $20.00 fee to enter a VIP room, then it's $20.00 per song (standard stuff for any GTA Stripclub...).


Member Profile: Autumn
Autumn is a member of our TOTN Social Network, and unofficial spokesperson for the new TGirl XXX Social Club. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions:

Tall, tanned, slim, 30 year old, 160lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Native American tgirl stripper in the downtown Toronto core stripping for you four nights a week Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 461 Church street, second floor from 9pm - 2am. Tgirls get in free, gentlemen it's $10.00 for you.

Amazing stage, pole, and stripping performances for you multiple times a night. Check me and the rest of the girls out. Lap dances available from all dancers.


Mandy Goodhandy - Interview on Bruce Jenner
Mandy Goodhandy talks about Bruce Jenner's transition interview with Diane Sawyer, and her own transition.

Mandy is one of the co owners (and driving forces) behind Club 120.


T-Girls gone wild - New T-Girl bar in Toronto (CLOSED)
UPDATE: The club is called Flash.

So it looks like a new bar is offering T-girl strip shows / Lapdances.

Not sure if T-Girls Gone Wild is the name of the club, or just a description.If I had to hazard a guess, this is all the same girls from the old Club120 setting up in a new location that will allow lap dancing, but I have no proof (But you can be sure I'm going to check it out ;)

Wednesday to Saturday until close.

461 Church Street
Toronto, ON

Mandy Goodhandy in: Tranny a musical comedy
Mandy Goodhandy is the first stand-up Trans Woman Comedian in Canada. She traveled extensively around Canada, to various nightclubs for "Ladies Nights", in the 80s (before her transition to Trans Woman).

Starting off as a male stripper under the stage name Johnny Fantasy. She became quite skilled as an M.C. for a few troupes of Male Strip Revues (The All Class Revue, The Playgirl Revue & The North American Dream Team, to name a few. and learned how to warm up the audiences with humour, before introducing the strip acts.

She then took this skill one step further, and began inventing a Female impersonator character to add even more fun to the show, keeping the stage name Johnny Fantasy throughout.

March 26 27 28, 2015. Tickets are $10.00 on the 26th, and $20.00 for the 27th and 28th.
For tickets Click here

Transgender Erotica Awards
Just missed this one, but I'm setting it up for next year!

Who knew there was a Transgender Erotica Awards?
This years was held Sunday Feb 15th, with the after party held on Monday the 16th.

Winners include Shemale Secret Service by Grooby Productions for Best DVD and James Darling as best FTM performer.

You can check out their website for a full list of winners

Grooby, the sponsor and originator of the event has a show recap you can read here


Tgirl Tuesdays at M4

I pulled up to M4 with the full intention of just getting in there as fast as possible. It was 11:00 and I was excited to explore.... Once there however, I started to get cold feet, and just sat in my parked car for a few minutes to steady my nerves.

Menage A QuatreIt's funny, I always though I was the only one who did stuff like that, but in the space of about 15 minutes, I saw a 4 other cars pull up opposite the club, check it out for a while, then pull away. I needen't have worried... sitting in the car waiting is the scariest party of the night.

Once I had gone in, paid my fee, got a tour of the club and settled into the bar, it was a comfortable place to be.

I must admit my initial reaction to the club was almost boredom. I ordered a drink, and stood by the bar. There was a couple of cross dressers chatting a few feet from me, but other than that the club seemed deserted. While there was music blaring, and lights flashing, the dance floor was empty.

I was wavering between just cutting my losses and heading out, or giving it some time, and seeing if anything would happen... While I was debatign I tossed back a couple of beers, and headed over to the bathroom. (hint! don't sit at the bar...EXPLORE)