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Monday Events:


Toronto The Naughty News Service

The naughty, just the naughty, and nothing but the naughty in Toronto

A man was shot outside New Locomotion Strip Club on Monday December 7th.

One man was taken to a local hospital for treatment as K9 and tactical unit officers searched the scene for suspects.

Know anything more? Hit up the comments.

You can read the full article here, but it doesn't have much more info...


Dwarf stripper gets bride pregnant at her bachelorette party
Spanish papers are reporting that a woman was forced to admit to an indiscretion at her hen party after giving birth to a baby with dwarfism.

Apparently it's common to hire little people as exotic dancers for hen parties.... I'm hoping it's not as common to bang the strippers before the wedding!

Read the whole article here.
The Citizen Brick Center for the Performing Arts

Stripper LegoLooking for the ultimate gift for that rare breed of guy who enjoys collecting lego, and hanging at the strip clubs? Look no further than The Citizen Brick Center for the Performing Arts (AKA The Foxy Blox).

It comes fully equiped with DJ, dance stage and stripper pole, zebra patterend furnature, 2 dancers and hologram stamped wall panels.

While this may not be an official Lego product, you can pick up the entire set (including a printed box) HERE

Another Shooting, this time at House of Lancaster

Midway InvaderThere has been another strip club shooting, this time at House of Lancaster. A 24 year old man was rushed to hospital with life threatening injhuries. It happened during their Hush event, with 5 uniformed paid duty police officers in attendance.

Read the article Here.

House of Lancaster

House Of Lancaster Strip Club

689 The Queensway
Toronto, Ontario, M8Y 1L1
(416) 259-1601

Midway InvaderI can always tell when something happened outside a strip club when the sites daily hits shoot through the roof.

If you were there, or know what happened personally, then as always hit up the Midway Invader's comments section.

If not, here is a link to the article.

Exotic City reopened as Taboo Strip Club

Exotic CityI remember stopping by Exotic City and being disappointed it was closed on a Saturday afternoon. I was hoping to write up a review, but it looks like I missed my chance, as they seem to have closed up shop for good.

Luckily they recently reopened as Taboo Strip Club. I'll be sure to get on that (and under some of their girls) ASAP.

Check out their review at Taboo Strip Club


The Manor (Hotdocs)

For it's 20th year, Hot Docs is opening with the Guelph strip club tale called The Manor.

It's the first feature length documentary for Shawney Cohen about his families struggles with sex, drugs and family feuds after his parents bought a strip club/hotel 30 years ago.

Shawney's father is 400 lbs, and preparing to undergo stomach reduction surgery. His 85 lb mother refuses to admit she has an eating disorder, and his younger brother seems to be having difficulty running the family business.


Dwarf Tossing competition at Whiskey A Go-Go

Part II

Looks like Whiskey is bringing back Tripod the Dwarf for another round of Dwarf tossing on March 21, 2013.

Standing 4'6", and 95 Lbs, Tripod can't be the easiest thing to heave across the room. Any idea's what he might be dressed up as this time? (so far, it's Pappa Smurf, Superman and a baby.)

Our article on his first appearance is below.

Dwarf Toss at Whiskey