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Adult Friend Finder Network hacked. 412 Million accounts compromised
1 123456 900,420
2 12345 635,995
3 123456789 585,150
4 12345678 145,867
5 1234567890 133,414
6 1234567 112,956
7 password 101,046
8 qwerty 86,050
9 qwertyuiop 43,755
10 987654321 40,627
11 123123 39,614
12 111111 38,848
In one of the biggest data breaches of all time, Adult Friend Finder Network has been breached with a reported 412,214,295 accounts compromised.

One of the interesting revelations was that the database still included over 15 million deleted accounts that were never removed... it looks like they overwrote the email address (probably so you could still sign up again), but still kept people's information.

Websites affected include 339 million accounts from AdultFriendFinder.com, 62 million accounts from Cams.com, seven million from Penthouse.com, with the balance coming from smaller websites under the Adult Friend Finder Network banner.You can find a lot more information about this breach, as well as many more at Leaked Source

Some really important take aways from this whole fiasco:


Drink beer day.
I never knew of this one before, but it's actually drink beer day today. It happens every year on September 28th, so next year we will have to make a big deal of it.

For now, get out there and have a couple... might I suggest at a local Strip Club?
Wicked Club closed
I was checking out the Wicked Club website, and they have have a small posting:

Dear members, due to fire and water damage to the premises, we regret to inform you that Wicked Club will be closed for the next couple of weeks while we restore and renovate the venue.
We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

I'm not buying the 'couple weeks' thing though... it always takes longer than people thing.
We will keep you informed.
Transgender actress on the cover of Italian Playboy
While the US playboy has decided to stop publishing pictures of nude ladies, the Italian version of the magazine will not only continue to carry the ladies, but has decided to kick it up a notch by featuring transgender actress Vittoria Schisano on the February cover.


Males the target of online extortion scams
York regional police are warning males of a new scam.

The scam begins when the victim is contacted on facebook. The guys are led to believe they are are beginning relationships with new girls (often located in the philippines).

They are encouraged to strip and perform sex acts online, which are recorded without them knowing. The guys are told that the video would be released on social media and emailed to family and friends if they do not receive between $250 to $5,000.

Police are not sure how many people might have fallen for this scam, as most people are too embarrassed to report the crimes.


Adult Industry Facing Gravest Threat Since Nixon Administration
The Free Speech Coalition seems pretty disturbed about the state of porn in California, stating: The adult inustry is facing the gravest threat since the Nixon administration.

Basically, at the moment California porn stars are required to use condoms in all scenes. In addition as of 2016 they will also be required to use eye protection and dental dams.


Porn's dirtiest secret: What everyone gets paid on CNBC
CNBC has an intersting article- Porn's dirtiest secret: What everyone gets paid. In it they go through what everyone makes, from performers, camera people, directors, writers etc.

I'm surprised how little it is... especially the Director.

Anyone have any experience in the Toronto market?


Club 120 website down *UPDATE: Site is now back up*
Just got an email from Club 120 that mentioned their website is down.

Their service provider claims it's routine maintenance, but the site comes up as Account Suspended... it will be interesting to see how this works out.

No matter what, the club is doing fine as far as I can tell. If you are interested in Tgirls, check them out on Thursdays.

Wondering if it's working yet? Hit them up here.