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Porn's dirtiest secret: What everyone gets paid on CNBC
CNBC has an intersting article- Porn's dirtiest secret: What everyone gets paid. In it they go through what everyone makes, from performers, camera people, directors, writers etc.

I'm surprised how little it is... especially the Director.

Anyone have any experience in the Toronto market?


Club 120 website down *UPDATE: Site is now back up*
Just got an email from Club 120 that mentioned their website is down.

Their service provider claims it's routine maintenance, but the site comes up as Account Suspended... it will be interesting to see how this works out.

No matter what, the club is doing fine as far as I can tell. If you are interested in Tgirls, check them out on Thursdays.

Wondering if it's working yet? Hit them up here.

A man was shot outside New Locomotion Strip Club on Monday December 7th.

One man was taken to a local hospital for treatment as K9 and tactical unit officers searched the scene for suspects.

Know anything more? Hit up the comments.

You can read the full article here, but it doesn't have much more info...


World's biggest human rights group wants to legalize prostitution
Amnesty International, The United Nations, Human Rights Watch and the World Health Organization are all arguing that the best way to protect the safety of people who sell sex is to legalize the industry.

Critics of the policy (including the outgoing Harper government) argue that legalising prostitution encourages pimps and human traffickers, and often cite Germany, who has legalized prostitution since 2001.
The vice guide to giving head
After the guide to eating pussy, the people at Vice decided to publish a guide to Giving head.

As always, if you have any tips, hit up the comments.


The Vice guide to eating pussy
Vice wrote an interesting article on eating pussy... check it out to see if you pick up any tips.

Anyone else have any tips? Hit up the comments.


Playboy to end publishing nude female photos
Ok, seriously... are they freaking kidding? Playboy is going to stop publishing pictures of nude ladies, because there are lot's of boobies already on the internet?


What is Orgasmic Meditation - Good for Her
Good for her is offering a course titled 'What is Orgasmic Meditation?' that sounds interesting. November 4th, $35.00 per person.

Here is the description:

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a partnered wellness and sexuality practice. It is designed to foster the skills of holding space for a partner, focusing laser sharp attention on a partner, connecting with a partner and experiencing life as it happens (as opposed to analyzing it later). The Orgasmic in OM refers to a much broader understanding of orgasm that is popularly used – what we usually call climax and it is one of the many forms that orgasm can take. Orgasm as we use the term refers essentially to involuntary response – flushing, weak in the knees, face glowing, tingling, and, of course, sometimes climax.