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Your Health

Sollo Sensual Coffee and Tea
Sollo has a line of Keurig coffie's and tea's designed to enhance different aspects of your life.

The line includes: Stress Relief, Energy Boost, Weight Lost, and my favorite: Sensual - designed to enhance intimancy with your partner, with active ingredients including ginseng, maca and damiana.

Here is the pitch right from the website:


This is the 20th annaversary of Masterbation month
In case you need an excuse, May is masterbation month... so do you part and spank one out!

In our climate of sexual awareness, it's hard to believe how it all started:

In 1994 Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders gave a speech at the United Nations world AIDS day.
During follow up questions, she was asked if masturbation was useful as a way of discouraging risky sexual activity among young people. She responded "I think it is something that is part of human sexuality and a part of something that perhaps should be taught".

She was promptly fired by then president Bill Clinton. (Are you freaken kidding!).


Cholesterol could be ruining your sex life
As most guys start reaching their late 30's / early 40's they notice their cholesterol numbers start going up at their yearly check ups. While cholesterol is a necessary part of both men's and women's health, once these numbers get too high Dr's start to get a little worried.

Left unchecked, high cholesterol can cause anything from erectile difficulties up to a heart attack. The cause of both problems is similar. Cholesterol accumulates on the walls of your arteries, clogging blood blood flow. This can make it difficult to pump enough blood to your penis or heart.

While there are great medications to control high cholesterol called statins, these can also have their own set of sex inhibiting effects, namely reducing your libido.