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6 Superstar Oral Sex Positions
From kinkly.com here are 6 new oral positions to spice things up in the bedroom. (Your welcome guys ;)

While they do have a few good ideas for both guys and girls (and worth the read), it really boils down to two new positions for guys (plus a third slight variation), two variations on the same theme for the ladies, plus a weird doggie / 69 position.

I AM looking forward to trying "Hangin' Back". Any oral sex position that needs a 'tap out' signal needs to be explored!


Sugar Cum by HiPleasures
HiPleasures is a Miami based company that promotes sexual wellness and health.

Their first product is a real eye catcher called Sugar Cum, and is supposed to enhance the flavour of male cum.

They have been getting a huge amount of press lately, including Jezebel, Vice, Cosmo UK, Miami New Times, Playboy, Gizmodo UK, Short & Sweet NYC, Fiesta, Ravers DVD, AVN and XBIZ. They are also up for multiple AVN and XBIZ Awards nominations in 2015.

5 packs of 10 pills will run you $19.99 USD.


Reminder: May is Masterbation month
In case you need an excuse, May is masterbation month... so do you part and spank one out!

In our climate of sexual awareness, it's hard to believe how it all started:

In 1994 Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders gave a speech at the United Nations world AIDS day.

During follow up questions, she was asked if masturbation was useful as a way of discouraging risky sexual activity among young people. She responded "I think it is something that is part of human sexuality and a part of something that perhaps should be taught".

She was promptly fired by then president Bill Clinton. (Are you freaken kidding!).


REMINDER: May 1st is Naked Gardening day
May 1st is naked gardening day.

Sounds like a great time to have a couple beers and get some yard work done... but don't forget the Sunscreen, or you will be unhappy tomorrow!