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Thursday Events:


Carnal days of the week: TittyTuesday
Next up on our Carnal days of the week is Titty Tuesday. This truly has to be the best time in history to live in.... When else could you imagine random girls showing you their boobies every week.

Crack open some bourbon and it's like Mardi Gras ;)
Embodied wisdom of the Temple Priestess at Good For Her
Here is one for the women: Embodied wisdom of the Temple Priestess. November 7th. $70.00 at Good for Her.

The temple priestesses of ancient times were skilled in their usage of sexual energy to rejuvenate their bodies, heal themselves and others, access inner knowing, and connect to universal energies. This extended workshop will review and then build upon the curriculum taught in the Awakening the Temple Priestess seminar, with a focus on sacred ceremony/ritual and embodied practice. The journey will be unique to the circle that assembles and will go even deeper into exploring and owning the archetype as she appears within each of us.

All women (cis and trans) welcome.


Carnal days of the week: Fetish Fridays
Next up on our Carnal days of the week is Fetish Fridays.

I know I said the same thing about Thigh High Thursdays, but I really love this idea.
Hit up Twitter for a bunch of cool pics.
The Carnal days of the week.
Users of Twitter seem to have all agreed to sponsor an erotic theme of every day of the week. Though I might put them all into one place for convenience. Let me know if I have missed any:

Titty Tuesdays

Thigh High Thursdays

Thong Thursdays

Fetish Fridays
The Gentlemen's Expo

I have yet to check out The Gentlemen's Expo, but am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer.

September 25th - 27th
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
North Building, Halls A&B
Schedule of events
Carnal days of the week: Thong Thursday
Looks like Thursdays are so popular, they need extra love. Along with Thigh High Thursday we also have Thong Thursday on Twitter


Carnal days of the week: Thigh high Tursdays
It seems like every day of the week is getting a sexy image to focus on. Here is one I can really get behind... Thigh High Thursdays!


Sybian Toronto

Up to now, I have been very disappointed by most of the sex toys I have purchased for my significant others. Most things that are available are cheap pieces of crap... until recently only sold as novelty items. If you happen to find one that worked for you and your partner, it was probably going to fall apart in a couple of months...

Recently there have been a large number of new quality products. They come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, plus they all vibrate or wiggle in a different way, to hit a different spot on a women.

It's impossible to tell ahead of time which will hit the 'right' spot. With each toy running $200-300, it can become a very expensive game of hit or miss.

I was very excited when I saw an industrial strength machine making the rounds on the net. From the literature, it seemed like a great idea, but running about $1800.00 it's a bit of a risk. If it doesn't hit your partners 'good spot', you are out of luck.

I recently noticed a company called Sybian Toronto that offers a 'Try before you buy' approach. Once you get over the 'Ick' factor, it's kind of a neat idea.


International Women's Day
Just a quick reminder that International Women's Day is coming up soon.

It's celebrated every year on March 8th. You can check out what is trending on twitter here