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Soft Recreational Drugs and Paraphernalia

Head Shops, places to smoke, and any current news on the subject.

Hotbox Cafe turns 10

Hotbox Cafe is celebrating it's 10th anniversary in business: May 18, 2013. They will be featuring award winning reggae artist Exco Levi.

While it's still not legal to smoke pot in Canada, you can feel free to light up on their patio without fear

Hot Box Cafe.

Toronto Hemp Company (THC)

Touting itself as the largest hemp store in North America: this 3 floor, 7500 SQ. foot store is sure to be able to fill all of your hemp product related needs: Hemp Body Care, Clothing, Fabrics, Nutrition, Paper products... basically if you could make it out of hemp, they have it.

They also carry an extensive line of bongs, pipes, and smoking accessories, as well as a large assortment of vaporizers including the Volcano, Herbal Aire, Arizer Solo, Dominizer and the Vapor Genie.

Not sure exactly what you are looking for? You can probably try one out next door at Vapor Central.

Toronto Hemp company is part of the Yongesterdam district, a collection of shops relating to hemp or marijuana products.


Yongesterdam is Toronto's unique Cannabis district. It is a collection of shops based along Toronto's Yonge Street all related to either Hemp or Cannabis in some way. Unfortunately, it looks like the bloom is off the rose. So far, it has lost 2 stores, Toronto Art Glass, and Kindred Cafe.

Vapor Central

Toronto Hemp Company

Sacred Seed


Vapor Central
Sacred Seed
Sacred SeedSacred seed carry's a huge variety of medicinal plant seeds from all over the world, plus a wide assortment of growing plants, dried herbs, and Cacti.

Best of all, they carry a full range of Marijuana seeds. (Which, as far as I can tell is totally legal to sell or buy in Canada, as long as you are not planning on actually growing them without a license or compassion card... None of you would actually plan on doing that, would you?).

Sacred Seed

2A Dundonald Street
Toronto, On
(416) 928-6811

Hot Box Cafe
‚ÄčToronto's first pot positive joint, Hot Box is a place where stoners can come and relax with a bit of wacky tobbaccy. We believe in the normalization of cannabis, come out of the grow closet and chill with us!

Hot Box is located in the back of Roach-O-Rama, Kensington Market's prime head shop. Enjoy our Potio on a sunny day or our Arizer vapor lounge on a cloudy day. Our boardgames, videogames and vaporizers are free to use and we have a pool table at $1 per game.


Reminder: Toronto Global Marijuana March
Global Marijuana MarchJust a reminder that the Toronto Global Marijuana march is approaching fast.


Reminder: Toronto 420 rally is coming up soon
420 Rally TorontoJust a reminder that the 420 rally is coming up soon... looks like the Canadian site is down, so for now I'm linking to the american site.