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Tuesday Events:



With Burlesque being so popular right now, I think they deserve their own section. Burlesque was very popular from the 1860's to the 1940's, and was more than just a strip tease, but included a varity type show that included bawdy humor and music.

The charisma of burlesque at Coco Framboise School of Burlesque
Where does the confidence come from to perform?
And for those of us already familiar with the stage, how can we project more presence?

Learn the secrets to being larger than life! Practice entrances and exits, key gestures, struts, and facial expressions to create more gusto. Whether you want to embody the smoky vamp, the cheeky coquette, or the wry clown, you’ll step out bolder and badder!


Kitty Nights Toronto Presents Kings and Queens of Burlesque
On Saturday November 21st Kitty Nights Toronto is bringing you the Kings and Queens of Burlesque at Revival Bar. Join us for a killer show and our dirty Kitty Nights After Dark Party.

Come play with us...meow...xxx

General Admission: $10.00. Reserved Seating: $20.00. Tickets
Road Trip: The Pole Expo in Las Vegas
If you have a butt load of money and nothing better to do on the 9th, might I suggest a trip to Vegas for the Pole Expo, where the best of the best pole dancers compete for top position.

September 9th - 13th. 2015



Vampire Love Ball 5 - True Blood Edition! Sodom Fangtasia show!
Evern wonder what the Sodom parties at Club120 are like? (yeah... me too).
Check out this video for a crash course. Looks interesting... Wish there was something like this for straight people dammit!

Hit up the comments if you have been to some of these parties.


Naked Girls Reading Presents: Fantastic Creatures! at ROUND
Saturday, 11 April 2015 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

We're tickled to announce our April show theme: Fantastic Beasts!

Mythical creatures, lurid tales of fantasy lands as read by naked women. Whether it flies, swims, or languidly relaxes while asking you numerous riddles, join us and hear a whole new collection based on Fantastic Creatures!

Naked Girld Reading Toronto web page
Business and Professionalism for Burlesque Performers with Helvetica Bold
We'll use brand analysis tools to discover our own strengths and weaknesses among external factors, and use this information to strengthen our personal characters and brands as performers! With one of the founders of the Ottawa Burlesque Festival!

This workshop teaches performers to recognize what makes them unique, how to effectively market this uniqueness, and how to do a cost analysis on our own acts in order to price them appropriately for scene, fundraiser, and corporate style bookings. (Yes, we will talk about money!)

Learn negotiation tactics and clear, concise ways to communicate with potential clients what you need for your booking, and what they can expect from you as an entertainer, that will ensure that you are having positive interactions that leave clients satisfied and performers feeling valued.

All attendees will receive a template contract for their own use.

Thursday, March 19th at 8:30pm. Price: $35

REGISTER at Toronto school of burlesque
Redhead Revue: All Redhead Burlesque Show!
All redheads, all the time!

Come celebrate St Patrick's day with an amazing cast of soul stealing gingers and awe inspiring auburns. We're rare, we feel no pain, and we are REALLY feeling the need to show off our lucky charms!

Saturday, 14 March 2015 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Tickets are $20.00


Dances the Cramps taught us at Bovine Sex Club
Pussy Whipped Wednesdays: Dances the Cramps taught us at the Bovine Sex Club.

With Special Guest L.a.'s Kitten DeVille

Tickets are $5.00 at the door. Doors open at 9:00PM.

542 Queen Street West
Toronto, On
(416) 504-4239