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Blue Lagoon

While the view from the picture below is taken from Dixie Road, you will actually need to go around back and enter off of Matheson, then drive in between buildings to the front.

The outside of the building may seem like a nondescript industrial building, inside is paradise of beautiful women, soft curves, and willing hands.

Blue Lagoon was my first experience with any type of Massage Parlour, and well worth it. (although truth be told, a little stressful, like most new experiences)

Blue Lagoon SpaWhen you first walk in, you are greeted by a receptionist who asks your first name, and if you know which girl you would like to visit. If you haven't already done your research (which to me is half the fun!), there is a computer you can use to call up pictures of everyone who is working that evening.

I selected an attendant with long dark hair, and a tiny frame. She led me back to one of 12 massage rooms which are clean and well appointed, with a massage table, a shower and relaxing music playing in the background.

Massage Parlours charge a set fee for the room (in this case $50.00 for 1/2 hour, $80.00 for an hour), plus a variable service fee, depending on what you choose to do.

My attendant came in, and asked which service I was looking for. I paid for it, and she asked me to take off my clothes and lay on the table as she took the money away.

There was no freaken way I was going to take off my clothes while alone in the room. I had visions of the show cops bursting in with a full camera crew in tow.

When my attendant came back in, she again asked me to disrobe, and stated that she wouldn't do anything until I did. I must admit, I would have preferred she to get naked first, and for a second I though we were going to have some kind of Mexican standoff... but I realized there was probably some entrapment law she was trying to avoid by making me get naked first.

Once I was naked, her whole attitude changed. She was warm and very friendly. While getting a rub down, she kept up a great conversation, and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process.

I had just worked a 12 hour shift, and will admit I used some alcohol to work up the courage to enter this establishment... When we got to the good part of the massage, I was so stressed and apprehensive, I was sure there would be no finish, and suggested we just call it a day. Luckily she took the time to both calm me down, and put in the effort to get the job done. I definitely give her a 10/10 for effort.

The basics are: (in addition to the room fee)

For $20.00 she will massage you topless. (All prices are for 1/2 hour service)

For $40.00 she will massage you fully nude.

For 60.00 she will massage you fully nude, and you can massage her nude body.

For 80.00 she will give you a body slide, which is her sliding her nude body across you body. While it is technically illegal for any type of sexual contact to occur, this usually works out to her titty fucking you at some point, then finishing off with a hand job.

If you have some big money, you can have a second attendant join you both for double the price. (I have never tired this myself, but would love to one day... sound like every guys fantasy)

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Blue Lagoon
1616 Matheson Boulevard
Unit #5/6
(416) 627-7243

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