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Airport Golden Spa

I'm a huge fan of places like AGS. They look so normal and unassuming outside, but inside they are almost like works of art. Chandeliers, plush armchairs, beautiful stone floors... but hey, don't take my word for it... take the tour for yourself. It's like some secret hideaway from the regular world.

Airport Golden SpaOk, so the place is nice, but let's be realistic... were here for more than the decor.

You will be happy to know that AGS spends as much attention to detail in spent selecting the women as decoration the surroundings.

Asians, Blondes, Europeans, and girls from the Middle East, AGS has it all. Anyone who has read this blog before knows I like my women... shall we say a little curvier than many of you out there do. Huge props to AGS for thinking of guys like me and including the stunning Alexia for our enjoyment.

You can also rest assured that (unlike so many other sites) the pictures you are seeing are actually the women who work there.

Airport Golden Spa
351 Parkhurst Square
(905) 866-6986
Map | Take Me

Keywords: Erotic Massage | Airport Golden Spa | Brampton | Ontario

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