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Sollo Sensual Coffee and Tea

Sollo has a line of Keurig coffie's and tea's designed to enhance different aspects of yoru life.

The line includes: Stress Relief, Energy Boost, Weight Lost, and my favorite: Sensual - designed to enhance intimancy with your partner, with active ingredients including ginseng, maca and damiana.

Here is the pitch right from the website:

The rich nutritional profile of Ginseng makes it a very strong and healthy stimulant, in addition, its abundance of group B vitamins allows it to have an excellent balancing effect on the nervous system. The combined effect can result in increased virility and self confidence, making it a great libido booster, which aids in both sexual desire and performance.

Maca is loaded with minerals like zinc, iodine, and essential fatty acids and can
balance sex hormones and have a positive effect on the mood. A healthy mood and
balanced hormone levels make it that much easier to achieve and maintain
sexual arousal.

At the same time, Damiana stimulates the genital area by enriching the oxygen supply, while also increasing energy levels; this significantly contributes to increased libido and desire. Sexual fitness and performance can be improved when Damiana is used during a longer period of time.

These kind of products usually come about because some scientist somewhere determined a 2 percent increase in something, and everyone want's to jump on the bandwagon...BUT I will admit it's fun to try these types of products out.

It might only be the placebo effect, but what's the harm?

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