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Happy Hedonist

Jeanines hosts Happy Hedonist

Review coming soon.

Our Sex Club at Happy Hedonist are what we recommend most people start with, they are the baby steps and often all that many people want from the sex club. You don’t have to be a member to attend, nor do you need advance reservations. Just show up & make payment to attend.

If you are interested in attending any of our swingers events, simply visit our event calendar to view our upcoming events. This will give full details on the event.

Some of our dances are restricted for “Couples Only” which means you must arrive & leave as a Male/Female couple to be granted admission. Our Saturday events are for couples only, with a few select single males who are pre-screened.

Our Friday events are unrestricted which is for “Couples & Singles”, this means that we do not monitor the gender mix at dances and we generally get between 3 males for every female.

At Happy Hedonist dances, you are greeted by our hosts, many of whom started as newbies once too and then became members, before taking on the duties, responsibilities of being a host or as we call it a member of our “Care Team” That is exactly why they here, to be of help to people and to make sure that you get the most out of our events. So please feel free to approach them.

Many people arriving for their first dance, are encouraged to arrive when we open, so that our hosts can help you maximize your evening. Help you get seated, point out all the facilities and even introduce you to someone here, if you so desire.

All you and your mate need to do is sit back, enjoy yourself, dance with your partner, or ask others to dance, or just sit back and watch. Our dances are held at Jeanie’s Bar in Mississauga. The atmosphere at Happy Hedonist gets very hot and raunchy with lots of bare skin, lingerie, flash and fondle.

Happy Hedonist
5977 Dixie Road
(905) 564-1400
Map | Take Me

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