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Cultural Relevance: The Crying Game

There are a surprising number of mainstream references to 'Naughty' subjects. Today I'll highlight one of my favourites, the 1992 movie The Crying Game.

If you nave never seen it, the movie stars Forest Whitaker , Jaye Davidson and Stephen Rea, and is an absolute gem.

I don't want to give the ending away, but Forest Whitaker's sibling turns up as a transsexual woman at the end of the movie (yes, yes, I know...).

Shemales seem to be becoming more and more accepted into mainstream society. I really believe most guys find them sexually intriguing, but the cultural taboo seems to keep everyone from openly admitting.

Hopefully, as there are more and more references to them in everyday life, they will become more accepted.

If you want to check out some Shemales for yourself, why not stop by Club 120?

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