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Fuck For Forest (FFF)

Hot Doc's is showing a film called Fuck For Forest. The movie is about a non profit ecological activist group started in Norway and founded to raise money for the world's rainforests by producing ethically made, environmentally conscious porn.

Founded in 2004, they netted over $100,000 in their first year through paid memberships to their website. They even managed to get seed money from the Norway government to start the website!

Unfortunately because of their unorthodox methods, charities don't seem too eager to accept their money, or be associated with the organization.

The film is directed by Michal Marczak. It revolves around the group's environmental project of working with indigenous communities in Costa Rica and the Brazilian rain forest... which were set up because of their inability to contribute to mainstream charities.

You can check out Fuck for Forest by going to the Hot Docs website. It's screening at:

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema on April 28th
Tiff Bell Lightbox 3 on Tuesday April 30th and May 5th.

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