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Whiskey A Go-Go

Whiskey A Go-GoIf you live anywhere in the GTA, you have definitely heard their ubiquitous radio ads (Go-Go Go-Go): Whiskey A Go-Go certainly knows how to work the market.

They are well known for bringing in some of the top rated adult talent to perform live (stripping! not the good stuff...). In the past they have featured such big names as: Raylene, Devinn Lane, Jenteal, Jessica Drake, Kendra Jade, Taylor Wane, Leanna Heart and Mercedes Lynn, among others.

The bar itself it quite interesting. The feeling I got a was a high end local watering hole. Oak doors, stone facade on the inside walls, multi tiered viewing area of the stage, and a vip bottle service room all scream luxury, but the overall feeling of the place was relaxed and fun: They had a large bar where people seemed comfortable just hanging out and watching the girls. And speaking of girls, there was a high number of outside women coming in to enjoy the entertainment as well.

The dancers are a nice mix of super hot vixens, white trash party girls (which were all I dated in high school... so it's not a put down, I love these girls) and super cute girl next door types.

I really wavered on my overall opinion of the place. While I am actually sitting in the place, I loved it. The girls are warm and friendly, and not at all pushy. Tall, short, naturally curvy and busty to downright skinny, black, white, asian they had it all.

The club has a both a DJ and an announcer who spends the entire night running a constant patter. It bounces back and forth between funny and annoying. Overall I enjoyed his routine, but I just wanted him to shut up at some points and let me enjoy the girls show. Someone really has to take away that siren from him... that is nothing but annoying.

The other great thing about the place is the fact they bring in so much outside entertainment: from the aforementioned porn stars, to the Trailer Park Boys, and even a Dwarf Toss: this is the kind of thing I love to promote. The club was voted Number 7 on a list of Canadian strip clubs on the Ask Men website( the page in question has disappeared)... so they must be doing something right.

The real disappointment about the bar is how they have perfected separating you from your money: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays there is a $7.00 cover, plus a mandatory coat check. A coke was $5ish (perfectly reasonable), but then there was a guy in the bathroom who expected a tip for letting you go to the bathroom

I tried to scoot by, but he calls everyone out who does. I even tried the "sorry, I only have a $20.00" but be warned... not only does he offer to make change, but he only hands you back $15.00, then looks away. (I will give them props though... it's amazing to see the amount of colognes available on the sinks! Must have been over a hundred.)

So, in the end, a single coke cost me $20.00. At that point I high tailed it out of there without even getting a dance. (I have a feeling i wouldn't have made my next rent if I had).

Overall impressions: I do love the bar, but won't be going back very often. I would however appreciate if those of you with lot's of money frequent it as often as you can... I would like to keep the bar in business so I can enjoy it when the really cool stuff happens. And hey, at least you won't be stuck behind me in line :)

Trailer Park Boys at Whiskey A Go-GoDwarf Toss at Whiskey

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Dwarf Tossing competition at Whiskey A Go-Go

Whiskey A Go-Go
544 Rivermede Road
(905) 669-3956
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