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Tuesday Events:


Playhouse Lounge

PLAYHOUSE LOUNGE is where all your dreams become a reality. Hospitable staff, friendly and gorgeous women and great music.

The Playhouse Lounge is a juice bar where you can bring your own beer, malt beverages, wine and champagne (NO HARD LIQUOR).

Our charming bar staff will take libation pleasure with a smile. We also offer soda, juice, coffee, bottled water and non-alcoholic beer. We feature some of the best private entertainment in the business.

We use a calibrated clock to an exact time intervals to ensure we give you the utmost pleasure.‚Äč

Playhouse Lounge
1205 Route 130
Burlington,New Jersey
(609) 387-7387
Map | Take Me

Keywords: Strip Club | Playhouse Lounge | Burlington | New Jersey

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