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Airport Strip Club

TIP: As great as The Airport Strip Club is, don't even bother going on a weeknight after midnight. The club seems to unofficially shut itself down.

The Airport Strip seems to have all the pieces to be my favourite club in Toronto. The deftly walk the line between enjoying the finer things in life, and being being an inviting The Airport Strip Clubcomfortable place to enjoy some time with friends. (some of the other high end clubs can come across as snooty and pretentious).

The entire club is furnished with plush Leather couches, that are a pleasure to sit in.

The club boasts both an extensive champaign , wine and cigar list for those who enjoy the finer things in life. I was happy to see they don't gouge you for the regular stuff though, a coke runs $5.00.

The stage is probably one of the most ornate I have seen. It is decked out with roman columns, and has an extravagant feel to it.

Just like the other high end clubs, you can get an hourly or 1/2 hour flat rate for the girls, (just be sure you arrange it before she start dancing, not 5 dances in).

I was a little surprised the VIP room charge is $20.00 per HALF hour. I love getting 3 or 4 dances with my favourite girl, then spreading out 3 or 4 dances throughout the night with new girls to see what they offer. The could get prohibitively expensive.

Where The Airport Strip seems to fall down is how hit and miss they can be on weekday evenings. As I warned above, it's usually not worth even coming out on a week-night after midnight.

The first time I hit The Airport Strip, there were 2 girls on stage at the same time, putting on an amazing show. Not only did they do a great regular show, but after their 3 dances were over, they stayed another one, and just danced around for fun (in fact, there was one guy in the audience who decided to get up and dance along!).

The DJ started to play an another song, and they burst out again, and danced around with their clothes on for the 4th song. they really seemed to be enjoying themselves, which was great to watch.

These 2 girls were pretty much the only girls left in the bar though, so if you were looking for a VIP Dance, you would be out of luck.

The second time I went to The Airport Strip was around 12:30. There were about 5 guys sitting around, but no girls dancing. I ordered a coke (BTW the waitress is SUPER cute, and has the best smile!), and sat around for 8 songs with no girls to be seen.

It's strange, because there was a constant flow of guys coming in, ordering a drink, staying for 2 dances, then taking off. It's like the club decided they were closing early, and didn't care who was there.

Bottom Line: Great place to hang out early on a Friday or Saturday evening. (If you have real money so spend). Skip on weekdays. As a bonus, no bathroom guy!

Need something to do on a weekday? Do what I did, and go around the block to The Million Dollar restaurant.

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The Airport Strip Club VIP EntranceThere is a VIP entrance really intrigues me. It seems to have a card opener that allows you to get in yourself. Anyone know about this? (Time for a little more 'research' ;)

Airport Strip Club
7040 Torbram Road
(905) 677-3798
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