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Taboo Gentlemen's Club (Closed)

Oasis Tease To Sunset Strip to Loves Baby Dolls to Goddess Adult Lounge to The Devils Playground to Exotic City to Taboo Gentelemen's Club

Open August (ish) 2013

Taboo Strip ClubTaboo Strip Club is a working man's hangout with a clientèle similar to Hamilton Strip. The club itself is a stand alone small blue(ish) building. You would never know it was a strip club, except the new owners put up huge pictures to make their intentions clear.

The inside feels like it's in a basement, instead of taking up an entire building.

The ceiling is low, the area is tight and dark, with the overall feeling somewhere between cramped and cosy. (depending on how packed the place is). Overall it has an older, harder crowd. Working class guys in 30's to 40's out for a beer after work, and older retired guys grinding out the night.

The stage is very small, and has a strong red back light, so dancers almost seemed in silhouette at some points.

Like Hamilton Strip, Taboo has an amazing variety of women. While this isn't the place for unlimited skinny blondes with big titties, I loved the variety present.

Taboo Gentlemen's ClubTwo girls that caught my eye were Ozzie (I think) who was super gorgeous, and Shiloh, who had amazing tattoos all over... 1 huge one on each cheek, on her side and up ribcage. Huge Badonkadonk, and to top it all off, super cute.

Here's a neat promotion! Get half price drinks when you mention "Taboo50" to the bartender. (if only it worked for the girls ;)

Taboo Gentlemen's Club
532 Evans Avenue
(416) 253-0808

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