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Pure Gold

I'm sad to admit that Pure Gold is little slice of heaven I have been missing for years now. My recommendation has always been to pass up bar's with a cover charge, but this is the one bar I would (and will) personally make that exception. This one is going into regular rotation.

Pure Gold FrontThe club is absolutely fantastic. You can tell that the management has invested in the club, as it is almost a work of art. It's the kind of club you could hold a business meeting at, or a bachelor party with your father in law in attendance. (bouncers in dress shirts, and vests etc).

The club has a younger crowd (Generally 20's to early 30's). The stage is nice and huge, with a catwalk at either end leading to a pole on each side. For some reason I had imagined a higher ceiling, but the place is by no means claustrophobic.

One really cool thing is they have the old horseshoe tables you can get table dances in, and they are pretty popular... not sure how much, I'll have to go back and do some research ;) There were a bunch of guys getting two girls dancing on the tables at the same time, which looked really interesting!

When I was in my 20's the horseshoe table was the only way to get a 'private' dance with a girl... no lap dances, no private rooms, and definitely no touching.

Where pure gold really shines is the girls. I almost think they have invested in cloning technology. These girls are perfectly built, toned, tanned bouncy luscious works of art.

In fact, the absolute only thing I could possibly complain about with Pure Gold would be HOW perfect all the girls are... they lack a little diversity. On the night I was there, there was one oriental girl... everyone else were carbon copies of the perfect body, with different coloured hair. Not a lot of tattooed girls, not a lot of bigger girls, not a lot of ethnic girls. Most people would love this place, but others might want a little more diversity.

Two girls did manage to stand out that night though. Emma got up on stage, and absolutely ROCKED it. She has that fresh bubbly personality that exudes from every step. As she danced around the stage, I felt like I was watching a 'girls gone wild' video.

The other girl that stood out was Jamie. This woman's beauty actually stood out in a room full of stunningly beautiful women. She was warm and friendly, and actually seeming to enjoy talking with patrons. LOVED her. I was actually afraid to get a lap dance, as I'm pretty sure I would embarrassed myself the second she sat on my lap.

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2630 Royal Windsor Drive
(905) 822-1525
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