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Hamilton Strip

The Hamilton Strip is probably in one of the rougher neighbourhoods I have been to, with prostitutes that work Barton Street, and even hang out in front of the club once it closes. The club itself is a bit of a dive, but by no means scary or distasteful. (Actually, I feel quite at home there... I'm not quite a regular, but I'm no stranger either).

Hamilton StripOn any given night, there is only one or two stunning women working there, usually kept quite busy in the VIP rooms. If this is what you are looking for, you would probably want to hit another club in Mississauga. (Might I suggest Cafe Atlantis?)

What I LOVE about Hamilton Strip is the variety of women here. In a regular strip club, the women are all pretty similar. Average height, kind of on the skinny side, usually white with long hair.

At the Hamilton Strip the girls actually start to hit the extremes that I am so fond of.

On my last visit, one girl was the smallest woman I had ever seen. She was just over 4 foot tall, and maybe 80-90 lbs, with petite breasts and a tiny waist. When she sat on me, I felt like I could pick her up with one hand.

Another dancer was over 6' with huge hands and a solidly build body.

The gem of Hamilton Strip would have to be a dancer named Detroit. I almost never mention a dancer by name, but I am so infatuated with her I can't help it.

When I first saw her she was bringing a birthday cake up for another dancer with all the girls in the club. She immediately caught my eye, and I must have been staring pretty hard, because as soon as they were finished singing happy birthday she came right over.

While Detroit gives an amazing table dance, she really shines in her presentation on stage, which harkens back to the old pin up style.

Hamilton Strip
92 Barton Street East
(905) 522-6395
Map | Take Me

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