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Kennedys with the lights onKennedy's is the ultimate guys hangout. It boasts about 10 TV's spread throughout the bar playing different types of sports (Boxing and UFC the night I was there).

There are pool tables off to the right as you walk in, as well as a large bar to sit and chat with your friends.

The walls are covered with the usual bar paraphernalia, electric beer signs, posters, sign posts, etc. Even a balloon Zeppelin. The air has that deep fried smell of a working kitchen.

Oh yeah, an they also have naked women... although it almost seems like the bar could function without them.

The DJ was playing Hip Hop the night I went, which surprised me. While the clientèle didn't seem to mind, they didn't seem that type of audience to me, consisting on an equal split between blue collar workers killing the evening, and some college student aged guys out for a good time. There were even some women in the audience, hanging with their guys, and seeming to have a good time.

The only way I could describe the dancers at Kennedy's, would be if you sister got all her friends together and convinced them to start stripping. There are the super cute one's you had the crush on, the kind of nerdy one's, the tall curvy one's...it's fun to watch them dance but for the most part they are regular girls getting naked. What you won't see is the 6 foot statuesque Russian model, or the travellingg porn star making the rounds. This isn't that type of club.

What I really appreciated is that the girls weren't overly aggressive when it came to getting a VIP dance. Sure, they slowly came over and introduced themselves (usually having a seat and genuinely talking with you for a bit before asking if you wanted a dance), but they would also give you some room to enjoy your evening.

Anyone who reads this site regularly know's it's the different types of women that really excite me. There are a million skinny blondes at strip clubs, but I'm usually looking for something novel. Kennedy's definitely has it's share of cute girls, but only 2 stood out as being something novel.

One was named Honey D, and the other I didn't get her name. Both were exceptionally tall, and exceptionally curvy ladies that I would love to get into the VIP room with.

Bottom Line: While I wouldn't be bringing the boss here to impress him, or stage a bachelor party here, but this is a club I could go to again and again, any night of the week. It's a great place to just hang out with friends and enjoy a great atmosphere and some naked women.


6235 Kennedy Rd
Mississauga, On
(905) 565-3555

Kennedy's Adult Entertainment
6235 Kennedy Road
(905) 565-3555
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