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The Landing Strip

Open November 23, 1990.

My ideal version of a strip club is one that is just starting to play the opening notes of Motley Crués "Wild Side" as you open the front door, while a bevy of girls dressed in leather, lace and schoolgirl uniforms file past,like some kind of glorious slutty halloween parade.

The Landing Strip AirplaneThis is definitely not that type of bar.

The owners of The Landing Strip are shooting for a much higher class patron than what I am used to.

I definitely can't afford to hang out at a place like this very often: Bottle service in the Vip room, the ability to get an hourly flat rate for the girls, This would be an awesome place if you had some real money... alas, I don't.

The outside of The Landing Strip is completely unique.

The Landing Strip main entranceBased opposite the Airport, they go all out to impart an aviation feel to the place. From the airplane Facade (with real spinning propellers!), to the front doors that look like actual airplane exit doors, this place seems to scream cool. I was excited to check out the interior.

As soon as I sat down, I knew I was not in my element. To my left was a large built in display showcasing the different types of champagne the club had to offer. Pumping out of the sound system was Hip Hop/R&B non stop.

With tip, my domestic beer came to $10.00. Although it is a little more than I am use to paying, it was not out of line for the area, or the type of atmosphere they are trying to create.

The Landing Strip

On the Saturday I went there was a nice mix of girls. Mostly slim, with petite breasts. There were a couple of larger curvy type girls (my favorite!). I was a little surprised there weren't any obviously surgically enhanced large fake boobs... this trend seems to be falling out of fashion.

All of the girls were quite pleasant, coming over to introduce themselves. They all seem to have their own fun little opening line they use to start a conversation, and not just the standard 4 questions before 'do you want a dance'. They actually seem to enjoy themselves.

While I should have expected it, I admit I was still surprised when I went to the bathroom, and there was an attendant. I'm not sure if it's because of the atmosphere they are trying to create, or if they are trying to cut down on the fights in the bathroom, but I must admit I'm not a fan of the bathroom attendant in general. I'll pay to drink the beer, or I'll pay to pee, but I won't do both.

The Landing StripNow on the other hand, where where the Landing strip gets some killer points in my books is the fact that they offer theme nights twice a week. Whether the girls come dressed as Cowgirls, School girls, sporty themed, or Hawaiian dancers, I LOVE this kind of thing.

Bottom line: Classy ambiance, friendly girls, cool exterior, Theme nights, and a guy in the bathroom pissing me off... If you have money and like the music this club should be in your regular rotation.


WARNING: The VIP room charges $20.00 AN HOUR, instead of a flat rate for the night like most bars. While this is annoying, it's not out of the ordinary for bar's of this caliber.

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The Landing Strip
191 Carlingview Drive
(416) 675-7723
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