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Million Dollar Restaurant

Finally! A Horse of a different color.

The Million Dollar Restaurant seems to sit at an interesting spot between the high end clubs (Airport Strip, or Landing Strip), and local watering holes (Midway Invader, or Kennedy's). They have gone all out to impart a texas saloon type feeling to the club, which I find really fun.

Million Dollar RestaurantThe second floor entrance to the stage is a set of saloon doors, with a large curved brass staircase descending to the main floor. They have one of those double strip poles that are connected at the top that I love so much. I never see any girls doing anything cool with it, but my imagination runs rampant.

They keep the saloon theme throughout the entire building, the support beams are covered in wood, with carved wooden light sconces holding globe lights. All in all, a great effect.

The structure of the building seems to be where the theme ends. While I am thankful they draw the line at not playing any country music, I will admit I am a little disappointed none of the girls got into the spirit by putting on a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and ass-less chaps. I am always drawn to things that are different, and we don't have many cowgirls around Toronto.

The Million Dollar Restaurant has one pool table, that seems in constant use. There are often dancers hanging around chatting up the guys playing. The whole place has a nice laid back feeling to it, with girls sitting around cheering the performers on stage, or chatting with guys at the tables.

Having just come from a very dead Airport Strip Club, it was pretty late when I arrived. There were about 15 guys, and maybe 20 girls. With so many girls, it seems like there was a lot of competition to get the guys attention. At some places, it might lead to the girls using their personality to talk guys into a dance, like at Filmores Hotel. Instead many of the girls in The Million Dollar Restaurant have decided to become very bold instead.

One dancer came over to me, and before she even said a word, she leaned over and grabbed my package and started massaging. She then preceded to start a regular conversation with me like nothing was unusual... where was I from?, first time here?, etc. She ended her pitch by stating that if i got a vip dance, I would be smiling for a week. It was a very convincing pitch!

I'm not sure if it's regular for this bar, but there were an exceptional number of outside girls on the night I went. Guys seem comfortable bringing their girlfriends, wives or female friends here. On the nigh I went, there was also a group of girls who seemed to be out for a girls-night out. A tiny girls screwed up her courage, jumped up up on stage and lay there with a $20.00 bill on her chest. The dancer rubbed her tits in the girls face and then straddled her. She started running her hands up the girls shirt, and started pulling it up... The girl let out an audible eeekkk, decided discretion was the better part of valor, and beat a hasty retreat back to her friends. As she was about to hop down from the stage, she turned back and flashed her boobs to the dancer, then hurried back to her friends.

BOTTOM LINE: While Million Dollar restaurant may not be at the top end of the strip club chain, they seem to have gone the extra distance in making a guys night out fun. Most clubs still have that big hollow room feel to them, Million Dollar Restaurant has a nice warm cozy feeling, with personality. The girls are fun, and try to ensure you have a good time. Even if you show up late on a weeknight, you can be assured you will have a blast.

Million Dollar Restaurant
7222 Torbram Road
(905) 673-2795
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