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Wednesday Events:


The Lounge (Closed)

Diamonds CabaretI shot the yellow awning with 'The Lounge' sign at the same time I shot the Diamonds picture. I was excited about checking out a shemale strip club, but to be honest I chickened out... About a month later I came back to check out what The Lounge had to offer, but unfortunately they had already closed.

When it was open, some of the shemales would come down from Goodhandy's (Now Club 120) every Wednesday night , and perform VIP lap dances in the basement.

The yellow awning no longer says "The Lounge", but I am going to leave this page up so everyone knows it's really closed.

The Lounge Enterance

Need your Shemale fix? Check out Club 120.









Here is what they used to have:

MONDAYS: Male Amateur Strip contest at 10pm, for mixed audience $5 Cover.

WEDNESDAYS: Shemale Strippers, $40 Cover, Men and Couples only.

THURSDAY: Ladies Night, starts Feb 12th, male strippers for ladies.

FRIDAY/SATURDAY: Male Strippers for Gentlemen, $10 Cover, $10 VIP Dances.

The Lounge (CLOSED)

1820 Dundas Street East
Mississauga, On
(905) 270- 9985
Website (Diamonds)

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