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Shapely Sinners at <a href="full.php?id=236">Diamonds Cabaret</a>: Cancelled

Shapely Sinners at Diamonds Cabaret

Shapely Sinners at Diamonds Cabaret has been cancelled. They seem to try some amazing ideas, but seem to cancel them before they can really take off. (Before this it was shemales at "The Lounge").

I could be wrong, but I believe there is one girl from shapely sinners who still dances on stage. She has some awesome curves, but seems a little shy. She pops her boobs out from under her shirt, and takes off her undies, but seems a little hesitant about taking it all off. (not sure if it's every night, or just on wednesdays... I'll have to look into it.)

Whenever someone see's her on stage, cheer up a storm. Let's see if we can get this started again. (Don't get me wrong, I love the skinny chicks as well, but I love the variety)

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Dividing Line


Shapely Sinners at Diamonds Cabaret


Shapely Sinners at Diamonds CabaretStarting on October 19, 2012 Diamonds Cabaret will be offering plus sized women downstairs in their VIP area on Wednesdays. Doors open at 7:00PM. (although you will be standing behind me in line ;)

I LOVE this idea!

This is exactly the kind of alternative thinking I believe is lacking in the strip club scene around Toronto and Mississauga. So many of the girls in strip clubs are very similar in physique and look, it`s exciting to see something different.

Diamonds seems to be trying to find an alternative model that fits. I'm not sure if it was a financial, or personal decision, but they recently canceled their Shemale club 'The Lounge' that was in the basement. I was very disappointed I never got to attend.


Diamonds CabaretDiamonds Cabaret

1820 Dundas Street East
Mississauga, On
(905) 270-9985

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LolaGLolaG: 2016-09-06 00:15:32

Just an FYI

SHAPELY SINNERS is now being re-vamped and has reopened. Our grand reopening is TBA. But we are in the same location every Friday night at 9PM. 

If it's okay anyone can contact myself for more details. I was previously a performer several years ago with shapely sinners and now my business partner and I have taken over the direct magement of the night.

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