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Toronto Burlesque Festival

Before strippers there were Burlesque dancers. These dancers blurred the lines between performance art and obscenity laws.

Dancers would travel far and wide performing their shows, and were considered big names in the industry, and would perform at such locations in Toronto like Victory Burlesque at Spadina and Dundas.

Check out some modern day versions of this with such dancers as LouLou D'vil (recent winner of the title 'Reigning Queen of Burlesque' in Las Vegas), Armitage Shanks, Ophelia Flame and many others.

These shows are nothing like modern day strip clubs, but are more like stage shows designed to titillate the customer while still obeying the laws of the time.

Toronto Burlesque Festival

July 25-28 2015
The Mod Club
722 College Street.
Toronto, On

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