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Contessa Zoe Aspasia

Contessa Zoe Aspasia is a Pro Dominatrix and Session Wrestler located in Toronto, Canada with frequent travels and even more frequent kinky escapades. 

Contessa Zoe AspasiaShe offers BDSM and Fetish sessions and related training, public outings and coffee shop scenes, online scenes, take out fetish, worn panties and personal items, personal training (crossfit), and more.

She says, "I'm a unique creature fashioned by an unlikely series of phenomenal events and opportunities. I have an extreme zest for life and the universe and everything in it: a never-ending yearn for new and exhilarating experience and therefore achievement in everything I've ever jumped head first into. I accredit this to my keen intuition, incredible strength and natural talent. Rather, this is what people say of me when they try to  put my 'je ne sais quois' into words. I enjoy the art of play, the arts, variety and re-invention, rethinking and allowing and encouraging self- exploration and capturing some of you lucky chosen to lead into your deepest fantasies, pushing and protecting along the way."

Contessa Zoe Aspasia


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