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Tuesday Events:


Toronto Ink Xposure - Tattoo Show

While it's almost a right of passage to get a Tattoo now once you hit legal age, Tattoo's were once only worn by sailors and prostitutes (or so our grandparents would have us believe ;) I guess I can't talk though... it's driving me insane how many kids are now getting those huge ear holes!

The Annual Toronto Ink Xposure is almost upon us. It's a 3 day event held at the Toronto Hilton, and features some of the worlds best tattoo artists and piercers. Even if you are not interested in getting a Tattoo, it's a great place to people watch (Personally I don't have any ink myself, but it really does it for me when girls get all tatted up.)

You can check out the show's itinerary here, which includes demonstrations, technique seminars and contests.

Day passes are $20.00, 3 day weekend passes will run you $60.00, while an all access VIP pass will run you $90.00. They can all be purchased here.

Toronto Tattoo Show

Toronto Hilton
145 Richmond St. West
Toronto, On
(416) 203-7399


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