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Wednesday Events:


Something Strange V

In their time, the old side show carnivals were considered a bit of a naughty diversion from reality. Bearded women, strong men and sword swallower's were all in high demand. With TV we have become a little jaded, but these shows can certainly still be entertaining.

The following acts will be performing at Something Strange V:

Dolly Pockets - Ectrodactyly

One Arm Bob

Steve Winchester, Pain Proof freak and Escapologist

Carnival showman and magic of Paul Wildbalm

Biz are-lesque of Great Canadian Burlesque Fionna Flauntit and Miss Cadence (Canadian HOF)and MuffNCheex

Mental marvel of Mysterion The mind Reader

Curation of the unusual from our own Oxford approved Prof Tithonis

Doors open at 8:00 Pm, Show starts at 9:00 sharp and goes till about 11:00 Pm.



Something Strange V

June 22, 2013
875 Bloor St. West
Toronto, On



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