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Quack and Track.

Society (on the whole) has a prohibition against eating certain animals...Cute things are usually off the menu (ever heard of a Panda burger?), as well as endangered animals, and some society's include friendly domesticated animals (dogs, cats etc).

Where it get's interesting is when different cultures have different values. One such 'naughty' food (to Canadians anyway's) you can get here in Toronto would be horse meat. It's not common, but it's there if you know where to look.

La Palette serves a dish called Quack and Track, which is duck and horse meat, which consists of  a four ounce horse tenderloin with a leg of duck confit for $34. They also have Snails (Escargo), Frogs Legs, and Bison. (Check out the whole menu here)

Most people will be surprised to hear that horse and dog are not illegal in Canada, but they must be slaughtered with an inspector present. I would be interested to hear what else is available in Canada... So far in Canada I have tried Kangaroo, Bison, Camel, Snails, Alligator, Frog Legs, Chicken Feet. Drop me a line if you know something cool!

I just found out that Guinea Pig is common to some South American countries. Be on the lookout! Apparently the face is particularly prized.

La Palette

492 Queen St. W
Toronto, On
(416) 603-4900

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