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Holy Crap! I just found my Unicorn!

Update: Adam and Eve spa is now closed

My greatest joy in life is exploring all the different types of women the world has to offer. Skinny girls, fat girls, black, white, European, Asian, tall or short, I love playing with them all.

While I have gotten to explore most of my fantasies, for some reason I have never had a chance to hook up with an Indian girl.... and to make matters worse, I have never found one stripping, or at a massage parlour... UNTIL NOW!

Mya from Adam and Eve Spa is an amazingly hot, curvy, smooth, chocolate brown beauty. I'm really looking forward to a visit.

I have the Adam and Eve Spa under shemales, because they showcase a shemale working there and they are generally harder to find, but there are 7 other girls as well...

Adam and Eve luxury spa

674 Yonge St. 2nd floor
Toronto, On
Open 9 am – 9 pm
(416) 323-9264

Keywords: Indian | Massage | Adam and Eve | Spa | Unicorn

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