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Mistress Morgan Thorne

I am Ms. Morgan Thorne, some of you may have seen me under my other handle as Nymphetamean. I have decided to change my name to reflect my growth as a Professional.

Mistress Morgan ThorneI have been a lifestyle Domina for nearly 20 years (I started when I was 16).I am naturally Dominant. I became a Professional Dominatrix just under 4 years ago. I started out at a dungeon, now I work independently.

I spent many years training and working in health care. I learned many unique skills there and a love of medical play. Safety is always a concern in BDSM, something I take very seriously. I play by the RACK philosophy – Risk Aware Consensual Kink – this means that while what we do involves risks, we are aware of them, do what we can to mitigate them and agree that the benefits are worth the risks.

I have many kinky skills that can be put to use during a session. My favourite sessions include medical play, old fashioned discipline, corporal punishment and role playing. I have a very long list (under ‘services’) of the many kinks I enjoy. I am very open minded, if you are into something that isn't listed, feel free to (respectfully) ask.

I am warm and cheerful most of the time. While being a Bitch Goddess is fun from time to time, I'm usually smiling and laughing. I am also a sadist – I take great joy from your pain and suffering. I will giggle and laugh while you cry and beg for mercy.

Mistress Morgan Thorne

(416) 893-7394


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