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TGirl XXX Social Club - CLOSED

UPDATE: Tgirl XXX Social Club closed around September 2015.

I was chatting with Autumn, and she has the DL on the new Shemale Club:
It's called the 'TGirl XXX Social Club' at Erotico Lounge.

It's inside Flash NightClub (a gay bar/ Strip Club), and from what I understand they rent out Erotico Lounge to host their Shemale nights.

They have a stip club type atmosphere with a small stage, and a separate gogo pole by the bar.
It's open Wednesday through Saturday from 9pm till 2am. There is a $10.00 cover, plus a $20.00 fee to enter a VIP room, then it's $20.00 per song (standard stuff for any GTA Stripclub...).

The great thing is they are licensed as a sex club / Private members club. (hence the $10.00 cover). This will hopefully stop it from succumbing to the same fate as Club120.

You can enter the bar directly from a door beside the pizzaoilo enterance. The club itself is fairly intimate, but they are probably not expecting hundreds of people per night. The VIP rooms are clean and I love having a leather chair (as opposed to a bench).

I was mistaken about it being all the same people from Club 120 though. While some of the girls have come over, it has new owners and some new girls.

TGirl XXX Social Club

461 Church Street
Toronto, ON

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fiferdoofiferdoo: 2015-09-07 05:05:17

Yes, it is closed.  I went there on Wednesday, September 2 and was told that the shemale club had shut down.  Where to now ???????????//

TripleJaysTripleJays: 2015-06-29 07:44:13

Overall I liked it so far, and I do plan on going back. Although I have only been there on Thursday and Saturday, which are apparently the slower days (it's what Autumn said). Next time I plan to go on a Wednesday or Friday, so see how busy those days can be.

The girls I have met there so far are Autumn, Buttercup (I think that is her name), Jessica, and Charlene. Again, I was there on slow days only so far. Autumn that slow days have about 4 dancers for a slow night, and up to 10 on a busy day. The one I got to know the best so far is Autumn, the hostess. Fun girl, and even shows off her penis during her strip dance.

I have only gotten private dances from her so far, but it is full contact, so there is much fun to be have in a private dance. She was very friendly and guiding through my first time getting a private dance from a tgirl (and tgirls in general). Like Chechire said, $20 for the room, and $20 for each song.

Private dance area has somewhere from 6-8 rooms (never really counted). It looks as it does in the picture in the description, but there are also condoms before you enter the private area, for the "full contact" dancing.

When drinking by the bar, the girls will have a tendency to persuade you to buy them drinks and go for private dances. Pretty standard in a strip joint I guess. They basically caress your leg, go for your crotch, and my personal favorite, letting you feel them up down there, which I always welcome. They even unbuckled my pants just for easier access to my crotch. Autumn even forced my face down into her groin after buying her a drink (her legs were already over me at the bar), which was fun, and a very big turn on.

Drink prices are pretty standard, bartender knows how to make drinks, and has good service. There are 2 bars in the place, but I hav only been to the bar in the front. The other one has a tv screen where they play Tgirl porn. (It is the picture you have in your description, with the tv screen), but there is also another stripper pole for which I assume another dancer for a more busier day. The DJ plays music like any other place, songs in sequence for girls to strip to, and for private dances.

That pretty much sums up my experience from the TGirl XXX Social Club at Erotico. IT is a great place to find some tgirl strippers to look at, and to have fun with.

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