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Aren't We Naughty Store owner Vindicated.

So apparently the city of Toronto was going after the owner of a Aren't we Naughty store for opening it on a stretch of the Queensway which was designated as a 'no adult service' area. (Kipling to Park Lawn Ave)

I think they are trying to keep it over run by massage parlours and strip clubs, but this seems like it's going too far. In fact, the councilor who decided to start the action openly admitted to the defendant and his lawyer that he knew they would loose the case, but wanted to fight it on principle. For his principle, the judge ordered the city to pay the store owner $15,000.

Might I suggest he pay it out of his own pocket if he really want's to make a statement?

To me, the funniest part of the story is that you need a food permit to sell edible panties. I wonder if he will get one of those green/yellow/red signs to put in his front window?

Read the original article from the Toronto Star

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