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Wednesday Events:


Kimmi's Party - A Taste Of Vanilla

Ever want to check out what a swingers party is actually like? (yup... me too!)

A Taste Of VanillaWell here is our chance. Kimmi's Party is having an workshop for everyone new to the swinging scene.

Come on by for 8:00PM, and check the place out, ask any questions you might have and sit in for the workshop. See first hand what the lifestyle is actually like.

If you like what you see, hang out for 10:00PM when the real party begins.

It`s BYOB, so if you need a couple of beers or a glass of wine to loosen up, remember to bring some along.

You do have to be a member to attend all of Kimmi's events, which will run you $25.00 for couples, $30.00 for single males (plus you must submit a picture).

In addition there is a workshop fee of $30.00 for couples, $50.00 for single males, and $15.00 for single females.

While it may seem a little weird to have to join a club to visit an open house, I think it has to do with the law stating it's legal for members of a club to engage in sexual activities behind closed doors. If not, you could potentially be facing Bawdy house charges?

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