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Dwarf Tossing competition at Whiskey A Go-Go

Part II

Looks like Whiskey is bringing back Tripod the Dwarf for another round of Dwarf tossing on March 21, 2013.

Standing 4'6", and 95 Lbs, Tripod can't be the easiest thing to heave across the room. Any idea's what he might be dressed up as this time? (so far, it's Pappa Smurf, Superman and a baby.)

Our article on his first appearence is below.

Dwarf Toss at Whiskey


Dividing Line


On Wednesday October 17th 2012, Whiskey a Go-Go is will be holding it's first ever Dwarf tossing competition.

Dwarf tossing is usually a bar room competition where a dwarf is either tossed onto mattresses to see who can get the greatest distance, or (using special velcro suits) tossed onto a velcro wall, to see who can get him the highest.

When I first heard about Leopard's Lounge in Windsor holding a Dwarf tossing competition, I must admit I was a little taken aback. Is this really something that should be going on? (ok, I know, I know... given my history, I don't have much moral high ground to stand on).

BUT, someone made an interesting point. The Dwarf is not only doing it of his own accord, but he is making a good living doing it... In fact, he was the one who contacts the clubs in the first place. Who are we to take that away from him?

This website is all about freedom of choice, so get out there and support freedom by tossing this little guy as far as you can! Anything else is communism.

I don't have any confirmation as of yet, but I think it's safe to assume the dwarf in question will be 'tripod the horny dwarf'.

Whiskey A Go-Go

544 Rivermede Road
Concord, On
(905) 669-3956

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