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Midway Invader

Midway Invader is another example of what I think of as a 'local watering hole'. This seems derogatory whenever I say it, but it's not meant to be. I think of them like the bar from 'Cheers'; a place you can go and feel comfortable, where everyone knows you name.

Midway InvaderAs usual, the bar feels like a huge warehouse that was converted to a strip club by just painting it black inside, adding lighting, a sound system and a stage... although they have gone a bit above the usual, adding a couch to the stage, along with flags of the world hanging from the ceiling (although if they are trying to denote they are multicultural, they are deceiving themselves... every girl I saw was a skinny white girl.)

The stage has an interesting pole setup. There are 2 brass poles at either side of the stage that are joined by a brass bar about 7 feet up. The girls can either dance on either pole, or hang in between.

I showed up on a Tuesday night, and there were about 8 other patrons there and about 10 dancers. The dancers weren't overly aggressive, and gave me my space to get comfortable when I first sat down.

The girl on stage was dancing listlessly back and forth. I'm assuming it had been a long slow shift, and not a lot of guys to impress. The overall energy in the room was pretty low.

There was the strangest hard core porn playing on the tv... lot's of hot wax and a crazy hardcore S&M theme going on. I found myself more interested in watching the tv than the girl on stage.

When the first girl did come over, she actually had a great sales pitch (I find a lot of girls at these types of clubs are just grinding out the time, and have no real salesmanship). This dancer sat on lap as she introduced herself. She seemed to be acutely aware of how to use every one of my senses to pull me in. She kept her breasts at eye level the entire time. She smelled great, and was so soft that when she snuggled in I couldn't help but be... let's say distracted.

Next to introduce herself was an extremely interesting girl named Andrea. She asked what my favorite rock song was. (Of course, like a retard I went blank... I'm glad these girls aren't reviewing me!). She explained it was her first day, and was on next. She was excited to get things going.

She had a cool quirky kind of look, with what looked like athletic socks that went all the way up to her crotch like a garter belt, and an axle rose type headband. She definitely wasn't your usual dancer, but she had that 'something' that did it for me.

For her first dance she picked 'bulls on parade',then switched it up with a techno kind of song, and finally finished off with a hip hop song. For all 3 songs she gave it her all, and actually got the crowd going. I was impressed.

With these type of local 'watering hole' type bars, the experience is really about who you meet, the girls personalities, and if you enjoy the body types on show. At some of the higher end clubs, the girls are so sexy and erotic, you could care less if they even speak english... But here, even though the girls are really good looking, it's girls individuality that is the most stimulating.

Bottom Line: I loved my time at Midway Invader, but depending on who you meet, YMMV.

Midway Invader
6809 Invader Crescent
(905) 565-8004

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