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Diamonds Cabaret

HINT: Skip the beer offered to you as you walk in the door... they gouge you for $10.00.

Diamonds CabaretWhen I was 19 and hung out at all the strip clubs I could afford, there was absolutely no touching. Private dances were done in horseshoe type tables in front of you and everyone else.

Imagine my surprise years later, when I decide to stop in at Diamonds cabaret on my way home from work one evening.

Diamonds is a great middle of the road type bar. The drinks are reasonably priced, the club boasts some stunningly beautiful women, and they always plays a great mix of music. Not enough hard rock and roll for my taste... but if a group of guys were going out, everyone could agree this is a great compromise.

If you are facing the front of stage, look to your left, and you notice a cool little area beside the DJ booth where a lot of the girls hang out. The place they sit is lit from the bottom, and gives them a cool glowing look.

Speaking of girls, there are some really unique girls at Diamonds right now. My favorite two are a little asian girl who dyes her hair blonde (looks very unusual and exotic), and a curvy girl who I would bet is left over from shapely sinners on Wednesday nights. She has some awesome curves, but seems a little shy. She pops her boobs out from under her shirt, and takes off her undies, but seems a little hesitant about taking it all off. (not sure if it's every night, or just on wednesdays... I'll have to look into it.)

If you see her on stage, cheer up a storm. Let's see if we can get this started again. (Don't get me wrong, I love the skinny chicks as well, but I love variety even more)

Where Diamonds really shines ;) is in the private VIP area in the basement. There is a one time $20.00 entrance fee, plus each dance is $20.00. (keep in mind the dancer will probably hit you up for a tip on the way out... so save a little extra). All this said it is well worth it. Make sure you check out what is going on in the basement though... it changes often. So far they have had: Shemales, Larger women, and now guys down there on certain days.

Another great thing about Diamonds is their Amateur night's. Every Monday they hold a competition where non pro's can get up and strut their stuff. There is nothing that does it for me more than seeing common every day ladies get nude. Let's hear it for the MILF's!

The Lounge (CLOSED)

On Wednesdays The Lounge was a Shemale strip club in the basement of Diamonds. Unfortunately The Lounge is now closed. The Lounge sign has even been taken off the yellow awning to the right side of the building. Now it just leads to the VIP stripper room.

When it was in operation, there was a $40.00 Entrance cover charge on shemale nights.

Now your only option for Shemale strippers is Goodhandy's in downtown Toronto.

Shapely Sinners (Closed)

Shapely Sinners at Diamonds CabaretFor a while, Diamonds was testing out shapely Sinners, which is bigger girls stripping in the basement. I LOVED this idea, and was ticked I didn't see it in time...

Canadian Hot Bods

Diamonds seems to be trying whatever it can to make a little extra money from the basement. They are now trying out male strippers for women.


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Shapely Sinners at Diamonds Cabaret: Cancelled

Diamonds Cabaret
1820 Dundas Street East
(905) 270-9985
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