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Filmore's Hotel

Open April 3, 1987

Hint: Bring all the cash you think you will need... the cash machine here charges a percentage of money withdrawn, not a flat $1.50 fee.

Filmores Hotel and Stripclub Enterance

Filmores has to have the best strip club locations in Toronto - within walking distance of Young and Dundas, they are the perfect location if you are visiting from out of town, and want to enjoy a quick stop at the Canadian Ballet.

The building itself is quite unique. Reminds me of something out of the 50's, with all the neon... I'm expecting guys with suits and hats to be coming out of the front door like in Mad Men, or an old detective novel.

While Filmores is not one of my regular haunts, (it's a little far from where I live), I'm always happy to stop by if I'm in the area. I don't know what it is, but there are a very high percentage of very personable women here.

The waitress seemed more than willing to let me sit and nurse my drink while checking out the talent. While she seemed available, she was never pushy. The coke was a little on the pricey side ($7.00), but that is to be expected this close to down town.

Hands down, my favorite thing about Toronto in general is the diversity in ethnicity, and Filmores doesn't disappoint in this area.

Thick black girls, a skinny blond with tiny boobs (not a slam... I loved her dancing!), a sexy curvy mexican lady, and a few blonde eastern european women rounded out the women who came over to chat me up for a vip dance: All super sexy in their own ways, it's like some kind of crazy all you can eat world buffet.

The women are not overly aggressive at Filmores... They come over and introduce themselves, chat you up for a minute, then politely ask if you want to go up to the VIP room.

The two things I hate most about strip clubs are: when girls just circle non stop asking for dances (no introduction, no polite chitchat), and when girls just hammer away at you non stop for not getting a dance, until you break and get one or leave... neither happened here. (extra impressive, as it was late tuesday night, and not many other guys around).

Hard rock seems to be the usual music favored by the girls here, but a few of the dancers will mix it up with something from the charts.

The ambiance of the club seems to be shooting for high class, but just missing the mark enough to remain a comfortable place to hang out. While you better bring some cash to have some real fun here, it's not going to break the bank.

You access the VIP rooms upstairs by first paying a $10.00 cover in the bar below. The bartender will stamp your hand with invisible ink (they think of everything!), and the doorman upstairs checks you with a black light on the way in.

There are maybe 20 booths upstairs. As usual, each dance will run you $20.00. The area is nice and I was impressed how clean it seemed (I must admit, I am always terrified when I fist check out a new place ;) some of them can be horrifying.

Unfortunately the clubs greatest asset (it's great location), also seems to be it's greatest liability. The neighborhood along Dundas has gotten a little sketchy, and there are some very persistent panhandlers hanging around outside of the club. They will even follow you across the street to your car, begging for change the whole way. While they can be annoyingly persistent, at no point did I feel they were getting aggressive or dangerous.



212 Dundas Street East.
Toronto, On.
(416) 921-2191

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