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Teddy Bare Picnic 2014

Teddy Bear PicnicThis years annual Teddy Bare Picnic will be held on August 8th-10th, 2014. The picnic is a 3 day festival / camp out for nudists and swingers, and is chock full of stuff to do.

Some of the highlights of the event include a naughty scavenger hunt, Bikini dance party, nude volleyball, Dj's, after hours play rooms, wet t-shirt contests, lube wrestling contests, and finally the famous foam party.

If your interested, you can check out the entire lineup for the weekend on the Website.

The whole event is held by TABOTA (Take a Bite of the Apple), who are also the same people who run The Ozone in Etobicoke.

Teddy Bare Picnic


Keywords: Nudist | Swinger | Party

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