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Cafe Atlantis

Runway 66 to Canada's Finest to Treasures and finally Cafe Atlantis

Cafe Atlantis

Yeah, I know the picture looks a little weird... I'm trying something new.

When I first heard the old Treasures club was bought by the same people as Cannonball I was excited to say the least. I have spent a lot of my younger years in a drunk haze at their fine establishment, and wanted to see if the management could surprise me.

Unfortunately I WAS surprised when I entered the front door and heard hip hop blaring a full volume. (If you have been reading these reviews for any amount of time, you know I am a hard rock guy).

I was just getting ready to seriously dislike Cafe Atlantis out of general principle, when I took a long look around and noticed the place is amazing!

The room is open concept, with a large open space in the middle, and a mezzanine around the outside 2nd level (where I believe the VIP rooms are).

The stage is huge, with 2 free standing dancing poles at either end, a stairway leading up to a second level with a 3rd pole.

As I grabbed a seat, the girl on stage seemed to walk off stage with her song 1/2 way through,and they just let it play with no one on stage... I was worried it was not boding well for what was to come, but boy was I wrong. The most amazing woman stepped onto stage, and seemed in total command of the dance floor.

It started like any other dance, so I didn't pick up on it right away, but she walked up to one of the free standing dance poles, picked herself up vertically with arms locked, and using just her arm strength, held herself off the floor and did a sexy little undulating dance, that captivated my attention... like some weirdly sexy michael jackson body flowing thing. She had a spectacular body, and knew how to use it.

On one screen to the left of the stage Cafe Atlantis is running hard core porn. The screen just above the stage was running UFC fights (kind of nice actually, I didn't even have to twist my neck to catch a glimpse between girls).

I was there on a Tuesday night around 1:00 AM, and even so there was about 30 guys in the audience. The club can hold over 200 people comfortably on a busy night.

While the club is a spectacle in itself, the girls at Cafe Atlantis are absolutely stunning. There doesn't seem to be a lot of racial diversity, but the variety of ladies here made me think of the Spice Girls... Every type of girl seemed to be abundant: thin and sporty, or curvy seductress. Large natural boobs, teeny tiny boobies, long hair, short hair, blonds, brunettes, they had it all.

There were a few other girls that really caught my attention that night: One girl walks around with a tight cut off tank top that ends at her nipples. She has tiny breasts, and for some reason it just really worked for me.... One day I would love to find out why girls looks so much better covering up what I want to see... seems weird!

Another girl had to be one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen in my life. She came over and asked me if I wanted a dance, and when she turned around you could see she had everything in perfect proportion, except for her huge Kim Kardashian ass. All I could think of was how much I wanted to rub my face between her cheeks!

Ok, enough of me gushing about this club... lets talk a bout the only real downside I noticed: Many of the girls tend to come across as a little formulaic. They come by and ask same 5 questions in a row, them move on. Only a couple really seem like they are enjoying themselves, the rest are just putting in the time.

I have a theory, that girls in really busy clubs don't bother to develop any type of real rapport with the guys to entice them into getting a dance It's probably a lot more lucrative to just hit up the next guy. I'm sure the girls have run the numbers, and found this approach to be a lot more lucrative in this type of environment.... it's just not quite as fun for the guys.

The opposite end of the spectrum would be a club like Filmores, where there are a lot less guys on weekdays, but the girls are a lot better at enticing the guys into a dance. That being said, if you wait a while, one of the girls with a killer personality is bound come by and brighten your day.

Some of you will know of my pet peeve about the bathroom attendants, and I am happy to report the bathrooms are attendant free!

Bottom Line: This club seems to be catering to the average Joe who wants to go out with the boys and have a special night out. No pretension, just hot women in a fun environment. I wouldn't pick Cafe Atlantis if you just wanted to have a beer and catch up with an old buddy though, the constant approach of women would get annoying.


Toronto The Naughty's Seal of Approval

Cafe Atlantis
5745 Atlantic Drive
(905) 670-6600
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