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Club Paradise And Gentlemen's Club

Club Paradise Gentlemen's ClubNew Bloor Hotel to Club Paradise.

Open November 20, 1997.

circular main stage, 2 poles that spin.

coolest part is small circular platform that rises and brings in stripper, and take her away.

large selection of women. packed on a friday night. $5.00 to get in, but lots of girls, cool private rooms beside stage

huge variety of girls, blonde mulato girl with killer fake boobs, blonde oriental girl, slightly curvy gothic girl.

On my way out, I walked by this girl taller than I was (and I'm 6', and my first thought was it's got to be the heels, but nope, they were flat. Wish I stayed a little longer

reminded me of that girl from the werewolf show, how she was all clumpy when she walked.


felt smaller than it should be

free street parking at night (not sure if can park across street at value village

no porn on screens

arranged in such a way that you can avoid paying pee guy if you have to pee in stalls

Club Paradise And Gentlemen's Club
1313 Bloor Street West
(416) 535-0723

Keywords: Toronto | Strip Club

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