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Goddess Of Toronto

I must admit I find this service very intriguing. Let's face it, at a certain point we can all get a little jaded. Sex is always great, but if you are not jumping partner to partner, it can get a little too ...comfortable.

It's nice to know there are things out there that are new and exciting you can explore, no matter how old you are.

Enter Micaela who is an hourglass Latina top that bills herself as the premier prostate massage specialist. While she doesn't offer any type of actual sex (sorry boys, no Bj's, or hand jobs)UPDATE: looks like she will throw in a hand job for most sessions , she will massage your prostate for you, either digitally, or with a strap on (Pegging).

She seems to not only enjoy her job, but take great pride in her chosen specialization. This would make the whole experience much more pleasant for a newbie.

Well if you love Micaela so much, why don't you marry her?!

Ok, Ok, here is my one small complaint: She has this killer rack, but not only doesn't she want you to play with them, you can't even see them. Getting fucked in the ass seems like such in intimate experience, it seems annoying you can't distract yourself with them while she goes to town on your butt.

Just to allay any fears some guys might have: Nothing you do with a woman is gay. (ok, unless you bring another guy in with you). If you choose to stimulate your prostate by having her fuck you in the ass with a strap on, it might be considered weird, perverted, gross, disgusting, sexy or erotic, but in no way is it gay.

Medically, you have a gland up there called your prostate that dumps a milky white discharge into your semen on ejaculation. (it's about 70% of your ejaculate by volume).Considering it's close association with the orgasm, it's not surprising you can manually stimulate it, and get some good feelings down there.

Yes gay people can fuck each other in the ass to stimulate it, but gay people can also french kiss... that doesn't make kissing gay.

Go ahead and take your prostate out for a spin, you'll be happy you did.


Goddess Of Toronto

Dupont & Christie
(416) 535-5234

Keywords: Prostate | Pegging

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