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Hanlan's Point clothing optional beach

In 2002, Toronto officially recognized a 1 KM long stretch of beach on Hanlan's Point as the city's only clothing optional beach. It is one of only two 'official' clothing optional beaches in Canada. (The other one is Wreck Beach in Vancouver, BC). PLEASE keep in mind that only this beach is clothing optional. While the cops try to keep a friendly attitude towards nudists on the beach, you will definitely have problems wandering around other parts of the island nude.

Hanlan's Point beach is located on Toronto island, situated just south of Toronto City Airport. You can reach Hanlan's Point by taking a 15 minute ride on the the Hanlan's Point Ferry, accessible from the ferry terminal at 9 Queen's Quay W. (south of Queen's Quay between Yonge Street and Bay Street). ** Quick hint. Bring cash, and use the cash only line, which is usually faster than the automated terminals **

The beach is about a 10 minute walk along a paved path from the ferry, and is naturally sheltered by some trees. From the paved area, follow the clearly marked small foot path to reach the nude beach. While there are additional clothed beaches in the area, none are as busy as the nude section.

There is no additional fee to use the beach itself. The area has a full set amenities, including washrooms, garbage's, showers, snack bars, lockers, and lounge chairs for rent.

Crowds can vary from 50 on a slow day to more than 500 on a busy weekend. While public nudity can be stressful for a first time visitor, the atmosphere is fairly relaxed, and most people do choose to go nude. And don't worry, not everyone who chooses to be nude at the beach has a super model body. Think of the average cross section of people you see on a down town street.

While men do make up a majority of the visitors enjoying the beach, women can make up to 25% of the attendees. Hanlan's point does seem to be a bit of a gay hangout. (had to say ;)

It's easy to image some sexy crazy party going on, this is far from the truth. While there may be some couples that sneak off into the bushes, for the most part clothing option beaches are a place to get back to nature.

Check out the Federation of Canadian naturalists website for some unofficial clothing optional beaches.

Hanlan's Point

Ferry port phone number
(416) 397-2628
Ferry Location
Hanlan's Point


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