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Wednesday Events:


Toronto Footnight

Sweet N' Sexy Cheerleaders Theme

Footnight is a roving party that caters to gentlemen who enjoy womens feet. Their next party is June 6, 2013, with a Sweet N' Sexy cheerleader theme.

The party starts at 7:00Pm and Toronto Footnightgoes until 2:00AM. This year they are holding it somewhere called the Footnight Castle... but I'm guessing they are renting out one of the swinger clubs.

Admission is $65.00 at the door, or if you register now it's only $40.00. On top of that, expect to bring at least $100, as each 10 minute of foot worship will run you $20.00, which is a steal when you consider you are getting access to a bevy of cute girls all at once.

For the $20.00 you get to hold, caress, smell or lick the girl of your choice's feet all you want.

I will happily admit that I really enjoy girls feet. My friends use to laugh at me because when we hung out in bars, I was always checking out what the girl was wearing on her feet before making any decisions. I would never even talk to a girl wearing flip-flops.

Toronto FootnightPast themes at footnight have included flight attendants, bluejeans, sexy skirts, and girls one wild.

Footnight Website

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