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Club 120

*Upate: Club 120 only has shemales on Thursdays now, and no longer offers private dances*

The building below is going to look a little different. Club 120 bought out the spring roll place and turned it into Club 120 Diner.

Mandy Goodhandy'sI have always found the concept of Shemales intriguing.

The passable 'girls' can stimulate the hot girl portion of your brain, but also hit some deep down exotic, dirty, naughty portion of it we rarely get a chance to access.

While the conscious portion of your brain knows she was born a guy, all of the visual and tactile stimulation screams Femininity. Add a little alcohol to lower inhibitions and you have a killer combo.

While doing research for this site, I found the Club 120 Website, and though this is probably the easiest, cheapest most low pressure way of interacting with a real shemale.

What I didn't count on, was how stressfully I found the whole situation.

The wording on the website makes it seem Club 120 is a place you go to hang out with, and try to dance with, or pick up shemales. While I'm not sure exactly WHAT I wanted, I was pretty sure this wasn't it...but I at least wanted to see what it was like in person.

Good Handys EntranceIf you know where to look, actually finding the club is fairly easy. See the little blue door just below and to the right of the the go sign in the picture above?

That is the entrance to Club 120. ---===>

There is no large sign out front, but they usually leave the door open, with a flyer taped to the door announcing Shemales.

I have to admit I find walking into unfamiliar situations very stressful:

Attempt 1.

On my first attempt, I showed up fairly late, so I sat in the parking lot opposite to see how many people went in and out. After about half an hour of seeing no one, I realized I didn't have change for the meter, and I sure as heck wasn't using a credit card, so I chickened out, left and returned to take pictures once they were closed. (BRING $5.00 in CHANGE!)

Attempt 2.

Ok, got there a little earlier (tuesday night), and finally screwed up my courage. Walked in the front door, up the stairs, stopped at the inside door, and took the longest 30 seconds of my life before going in. Unfortunately my worst fears were realized... I was the only person in the club! I immediately turned around and left!

Attempt 3.

OK, no more screwing around... just bite the bullet and get your ass in there.

Funny enough, the actual club is no where near as intimidating as what I had made it out in my head. A friendly girl takes you $10.00 admission, and answers any questions you might have. There is also a $10.00 fee if you want to use the vip booths. (You wouldn't be here if you didn't want to at least check them out, so just pay it now...)

You enter onto a super small dance floor with a bar to your right. On the night I went there were about 10 guys standing around and maybe 8-10 women. Funny enough, it reminded me of a high school dance party. Girls standing around in pairs chatting... some guy dancing with himself in the corner, and some other guys sitting around the edges.

After I order a beer, a small mexican lady come up and chats me up. I ask her how things work, and she explains the whole setup is like a strip club without the stage, just the VIP rooms. (Hmm, now this is closer to what I was expecting!)

We chatted a minute, then I followed her up stairs.

I was surprised how small the entire club really is. There is a tiny bar at the top of the stairs, where they check your vip access wristband. On the night I went, there was a lineup to get into the booths, so we had to wait about 3 minutes. The top floor felt packed with about 25 people in it... there were about 10 more girls up here, either standing around chatting, or waiting to get into the booths with a customer.

When it was our turn, the DJ went in first and and sanitized/disinfected our room. (and Kudos to the DJ's work ethic... I think he is also part owner of the club).

The VIP area is 6 small rooms, all painted black. The rooms are about 4 feet wide, by 3 feet deep. There is a leather bench seat, with a recess in the wall with cups full of condoms.

I almost never talk about specific dances, as i always feel it's creepy to read about, but this is a bit of a unique situation, so I'll indulge. Dances are $20.00 a song.

As soon as the dance started, my dancer stripped down to her underwear. She had tiny but firm "natural" breasts, and a smooth, soft, petite but curvy body. She had little panties, with no obvious bulge. She danced around while I touched her breasts and butt. She left it for me to initiate pulling down her underwear (not sure if this is customary, or she sensed I was new to the whole situation).

Since I was there, I decided might as well go for the whole experience. I slowly pulled the front of her underwear down a bit. She had a smallish penis and the area was shaved smooth. The one thing that caught my eye was that she had the tiniest nuts I have ever seen (I'm assuming the female hormones had something to do with that... and forestall any questions, the only guys nuts I have seen have been in porno's ;). It's weird to say, but the overall impression was still one of femininity. (I must admit, I was worried about having this huge, rock hard, hairy cock slapping me in the face)

She removed her underwear completely, and continued with a normal lap dance. She was actually quite good, and and times it was easy to forget she was packing something extra.

While she was grinding her backside on my lap, I reached around to see if she could still get an erection. After a couple of seconds, she started to call my bluff, as I could feel her getting hard in my hand. I stopped short of giving her getting a full erection. (not sure what is down THAT road, but I'm probably not ready for it...yet)

At the second song, she asked me if I had a big penis, and asked if I would pull it out. This whole experience was new to me, so I told her I was enjoying things as they were, and would enjoy her continuing to dance for me.

I'm not sure how far she would have taken things, or allowed me to take them if I was game. If you are anything like me, you might be inclined to screw up your courage with copious amounts of alcohol, but I would definitely warn against this. Keep you wits about you, and slowly explore how far you are comfortable taking this. Personally, this was a great experience, but one that I was happy to limit to a lap dance (for now).

At the time, it was fun and titillating, but on reflection it seems a little seedy. The DJ having to disinfect the room, the condoms, etc... It's almost like I have finally gotten everything I wanted in a strip club, but realizing too late it's just that little bit TOO much... But hey, you live and learn.

Club 120 probably won't become one of my regular hangouts, but I'm sure I'll find my way back there now and then when I'm looking for a (BIG) change from the usual.

I'm a little ashamed to admit, but I was having so much fun, I actually forgot to check out a whole other room that seems to be available (although where they would put it, I have no idea). Apparently they hold impromptu shows Tgirl shows there...Stay tuned for my update.

If you are still feeling frisky after leaving Club 120, you can head north on Church to check out the hookers... either the ladies, or the Shemales.

If you decided shemales weren't you thing, and want to get you hands on some more boobies, Filmores Hotel is just up the street.


120 Church Street
Toronto On.


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