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Mistress Morgan Thorne

Shemale Definitions

So, what is a Shemale?

Most of the definitions you will find in a Shemale ad will be Standard Escort ones, but there are a few Shemale specific ones:

Dividing Line


Always plays safe: Regular use of a condom, so less likely to carry any STD's. The opposite of BBBJ or bareback.

#" (Eg. 6.5"): Penis length. I'm not sure why, but all shemales think it's super important to have a huge penis. Personally I don't want the lady I'm with to have a bigger dick than mine.

#-#-# (Eg.34C-25-36 ). The chest to waist to hip size. Measuring around her breasts and body, she is 34", (with a C cup), Her waist is 25" and her hips are 36". While there is no correct proportions, larger breasts and hips, with a smaller waist give girls that hour-glass figure we love so much. Guys on the other hand have larger chests compared to waist and hips (ideally ;)

Bottom: Shemale will receive anal sex (You fuck her in the ass) (opposite of Top, Versatile is both) ***

Cut: Shemale is Circumcised.

FF: Fully Functional. Shemale can get an erection and ejaculate.

No Blocked Calls: So if your going to go ahead and try getting a shemale, you probably don't want anyone to know. It would make sense to either call from a pay phone, or block your number when calling. Unfortunately this is both unsafe for the girls (you could be a psycho killer after all...), and annoying for them as well. Lot's of guys just want to call up and talk dirty to them. Call from a land line, or cell phone without your number blocked. Most girls know how to be subtle.

T-Girl: Slang for Tranny or Transvestite. Shemale can be considered derogatory for Transvestites not in the sex industry, so Trans gendered or Tranny is preferable to some people.

Top: Shemale will give anal sex (She fuck's you in the ass) (opposite of Bottom. Versatile is both)

Uncut: Shemale is not Circumcised.

Versatile: Can be a Top or Bottom.